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Your piano is a complex musical instrument, with over 220 strings and a combined tension load of over 35,000lb. The inner mechanism, called the action, is assembled with thousands of intricate springs, levers, and pads made of wood, different metals, leather, wool felts, high-tech plastics, and other materials. The soundboard, which amplifies the vibrations of the strings, is made of solid spruce. The piano has been designed and redesigned over the years to bring unique acoustic sounds and touch, which cannot be imitated electronically.

Keeping it in tune, however, is more complicated than many people realize. Regular tunings by a qualified technician are obviously important. In addition, a firm commitment by the piano owner to control the environment surrounding the instrument is imperative.

Your piano is a beautiful and valuable musical instrument. Regular tuning, along with proper maintenance and care, will keep it sounding great for years to come, and at Kramlinger Piano Service, we can help you!

To contact Rick for your next piano tuning, please call (507) 388-2007 or send him an email.

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Piano Humidity Control System

A temperature range of 65–72 degrees Fahrenheit is best for a piano, but a constant humidity level of near 45% is more important. In our climate, the humidity level fluctuates like a roller-coaster, causing the air to act like a wet/dry sponge. Unfortunately, the soundboard, pin block, and thousands of action parts change with it. This promotes problems like tuning instability, warpage, cracked soundboards, loose glue joints, squeaks, rattles, loose tuning pins, sluggish keys, and string rust.

Most homes and buildings lack the ability to keep air moisture constant and are therefore too humid in the summer (over 70%) and bone dry in the winter (as low as 10%). For a piano, this kind of change is extreme. Running a dehumidifier in the summer and a humidifier in the winter will certainly help. This solution, however, is still less than ideal since, for example, trying to maintain a 45% humidity level in the winter can cause major condensation problems and damage your home.

One solution, especially for a piano that goes drastically out of tune due to seasonal changes, is to have a Dampp-Chaser humidity control system installed inside your piano. This completely silent and maintenance-free system keeps your piano at a constant 42% relative humidity all year round. This product has proven a track record throughout many years and is endorsed by all major piano manufacturers. When installed properly, the system will pay for itself by protecting your piano, and in many cases, allowing a less frequent tuning schedule.

Other Services

Steinway Tuning Pins
  • Tuning – Setting All Strings to Proper Pitch

  • Regulating – Setting Action Parts and Keys to
    Factory Specifications

  • Repairs – Replacing Broken Strings, Parts, Adjustments, etc.

  • Key Recovering – Repair or Replacement of Ivories and Sharps

  • Cleaning – Thorough Cleaning of the Action and Piano

  • Consulting – Complete, Professional Evaluations and Appraisals for Buying or Selling

  • Piano Moving – We refer piano moving to Kato Moving and Storage in Mankato, MN. You may reach them through phone at (507) 388-9329.

  • Product and Installation for All Pianos